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Giraffe Diaper cover & Headband 14-15″

please note : 1 miniature or small outfit normally posts less than cart will charge I refund after posted  when this applies


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Product Details

Made ti fit 14-15 dolls

Limited Edition Printed cotton Lycra

Diaper cover in cotton lycra with fake glitter fabric bands on leg and waist , waist has elastic [ this is a tight elastic with ot much give - new brand not ]

Headband is lilac elastic with ribbon flowers, stamins and felt ears to make the giraffe

Displayed on Luna by Jennie Lee and is NOT included in sale of outfit 

Covid-19 Restrictions

Due to the recent events of the Covid-19 Pandemic and Country restrictions I have decided it is better to restrict the International shipping at this time to avoid any disappointment on purchasing and then finding it cannot be shipped to you, once this calms down again I will re-open International shipping...All Australia is still available at this time

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