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Reborning supplies in Australia

Silicone Tip Felting Needles

I love using the pink one

pink is  42g  1 barb on each edge, placed at different heights – picks up hair from ends instead of the middle with no breakage to hair. no visible holes on head.

Black is  42g  1 barb on one edge , the other two edges are smooth suitable to do peach fuzz, eyebrows, eyelashes, but time consuming as you think it has not done it


Patterns for clothing

you can find some designed by me and some vintage patterns on my website in the shop under patterns.

Other sites

Knit – {these are some I purchase my patterns from and are either downloads or emailed within 24hrs of purchase)
Baby Doll Hand Knits
Honey Drop Designs



Covid-19 Restrictions

Due to the recent events of the Covid-19 Pandemic and Country restrictions Austpost is not shipping International for standard shipping at this time If you wish to purchase it is with a courier and same cost for 1 to 10 items sent in the same package with an 8 day or less delivery and tracking but no insurance 

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