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Postage :

Flat rate for Australia – small items for miniature dolls [6 to 10 inch outfits] can be sent in an envelope   minimum of $3.00 each additional item from the miniature range will be charged at an extra .50c at checkout,  other Items (not from the miniature range) are sent in a Standard Satchel at the cost of $8.50, should the transaction overcharge [ it can happen with a mix of bulky and miniature items] I refund back to your paypal account the over charge.

International – small items can be sent via envelope with up to 2 items from the miniature section for the one cost of $8.50 (this does not have insurance or tracking so if it gets lost in transit I am not responsible once it has reached transit of Australia post and your country postal service it has a customs label that can tell the post office if it left my country).

Parcel size varies per county and an average cost starts at $15 without any insurance and takes up to 4 weeksto arrive. The second choice is signature on arrival but not insured  $24 (average it again depends on destination)

Payment Methods :

The store has Paypal

If you wish to use a credit card and do not have Paypal you can still use Paypal without and account  to make payment .

Australian buyers  can  pay via Direct Deposit or Paypal  (DD will have a delay in posting till payment has cleared in the bank)

Internationl buyers can only pay via Paypal,


Shipping Times:

All Items are posted the next day of payment cleared. (unless it is a public holiday or week-end when post office is shut or Mother Nature has caused a disruption).

International – can take up to 14 working days to arrive for small items sent in envelope ($8.50) there can delay arrival due to weather and customs (some countries can take up to 6 weeks). Parcel by standard airmail can take up to 4 weeks again depending on weather and customs.

Australia – depending on location up to 7 days. With the new delivery system it can take a bit longer for local than the next day according to Australia post it is now up to 4 days


Trouble Completing Purchase:

What it means is that the item has just been sold – it may have read 1 in stock but someone else was shopping at the same time as you, If they placed in their cart it is still not considered “out of stock” until payment has been made there is a little time delay between computers talking to each other, so you may have been allowed to place it in your cart but once you reach check out it will not allow the purchase to go thru if it has already been paid for.  If your having an issue like this. clear your cart and go back to shopping you will then find the item that has been stopping you from proceeding.


What does it mean if I get -you cannot place Item in cart :

If you press add to cart and not sure if it did and press it again you will get a pop up box saying already in your cart. most items are set to only allow one of the item per customer order since there is only one available. If you are unsure you can check what you have in cart by going onto the menu bar at the top and pressing cart


In the making of clothing :

All machine sewn items have the seams over locked (surged) right down to the miniature clothing. Care is taken to give you a quality finish and items can be washed (but the tiny items I advise to hand wash or place in a garment bag or pillow slip if machine washing, as to not loose them in the machine- (the black hole that has your lost socks).

Knitted garments are all hand knitted and not on a machine. Quality brand wool is used. The same with crochet items.

If you would like a particular item your welcome to contact me and I will see what I can do. Although I do not do custom orders, If time permits I will make the item and notify it is available in store. Since I am not doing it as a custom order it will not have the price tag to match, it will be placed in store as I normally price them.

What is considered a custom order . When you contact me asking for a specific outfit by a specific time…If you are expecting a custom order please accept the custom price, If I have to set time aside from what I would normally be doing then you will need to pay for that time.  How ever if there is something you have missed out on and have no time frame to wanting it then I take it on board and put it in the list of to do items and price is normally the same as the original item, but it can incur a slight mark up if the wool or items involved cost more to purchase.


Why are the Miniature clothing with a higher price tag :

The miniature clothing from size 4 inch to 14 inch and some 16 inch outfits are made to be unique I try to make them a one of a kind outfits. I may use the same fabric but there is generally a difference between style of outfit, different colours mixed together in the same style or different motifs . I do not buy large amounts of the fabrics to keep them from being repeated. So you are paying for a One of a Kind outfit and time and consumables to create it. For one of a kind outfits my pricing is extremely cheap.

why are some outfits of the same design more expensive than another of the same size – the fabric used has been more expensive to purchase to make the unique outfit and the price has to reflect that.

We all like to have something that no one else has and as cheap as possible. If something is going to work out to higher price and I feel its not something I would pay then it doesn’t get done.


refunds are given if the product is deemed faulty  only (holes or unfinished, poor sewing are considered faulty). A refund is not given for buying an outfit and it doesn’t fit the doll you had in mind this comes under buyers remorse and refunds are not given for change of mind. In some cases I am happy to exchange for another size at customers expensive for postage of returned goods and new one being sent. exchange outfit will not be sent until the other has arrived back. In the miniature clothing I give measurements of garments so please check if they will fit with the measurements supplied. If an item doesn’t have measurement and you wish to check them with me first just go to contact form and ask I am happy to do that to confirm your buying what you need.


How to Measure:

I measure with garment flat so for example  it will read under arm or across chest , I measure garment flat on the table and run the tape measure from one under arm to the other, if I give a measurement of 3 inches in this section it will then be double that amount around the body , so you would run the tape measure under the dolls arm around the body to meet back where you started, if it falls within the amount I state doubled then it will fit.

I cannot tell you if the outfit will fit your doll as each doll maker creates differently, some make the body and proportions will vary, some buy the body, some over stuff the body. If its a sculpt again this varies per artist.

I do make the outfits with a little give to the standard doll measurement to allow for the variations of size, so I may say it fits 6/7 inch but often will still fit up to an 8 inch, depending on the doll and if you like a snug fit or the oversize look.

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